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The Process

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The process is everything. 

Sometimes we need to remember that. Setting goals is important but the process that you follow to reach those goals is everything.  Important goals and milestones are almost never reached without hard work.  That hard work is the process.  The process must be enjoyed (don’t mistake this for being easy), must come first and must be attacked.  Your ultimate goals may fluctuate during this, which makes this road even more important because its telling you what that real path is.  The process isn’t supposed to be easy and you’re not going to feel great about doing it every day.  But you must be relentless in your pursuit.  In life being relentless is a state of mind that gives you the strength to follow through, to survive, to overcome.  This may mean showing up and putting in the work when you’re not feeling your best, getting up at the first alarm and not hitting that damn snooze button, being prepared with your nutrition and not giving in to “drinking” your food.  There’s a quote that says ‘Life is hard and messy and beautiful – all in one. ‘ This is true for everyone.  You will have tough days, it’s okay, we all do.. You need to make sure you keep your head up and keep moving forward.

Show up, be relentless and enjoy the process, its everything.